About Us

     Cangzhou Shiyi Building Materials Co., Ltd was established in 2006. Over the years, we have undertaken various types of large and medium-sized enterprises demolition works, and at the same time been responsible for the renovation of shanty towns in Cangzhou City. During the process of structure demolition we saw a lot of old buildings which was built in Republican China and has witnessed more than 100 years of historical changes in Cangzhou. Out of strong sense of historical responsibility and environmental protection, we could not bear to discard these old bricks, but got them together in a place and reprocessed them with large cutting equipments. In this way, those old bricks were used again in modern buildings’ decoration works. Since then, our company transformed into a comprehensive company of old bricks collection, reprocessing, sale and construction.
     To inherit and carry forward the traditional Chinese architectural culture, Cangzhou Shiyi Building Materials Co., Ltd determines to make a new glow of ancient bricks. After a long period of market research and field visits, we learned that Korea used the old bricks for decorative veneer, and achieved a good market response. We imported a number of processing equipments after communicating with Korean manufacturers and set an old brick processing base. Our products were exported to different countries and areas like Korea, Japan, Australia and Taiwan etc. and used in wall decoration of coffee house, top grade entertainment places and villa etc. Along with the innovative architectural decoration method coming into our country, our company gradually shifted the focus of business to the domestic market in 2013 and improved the product series of old bricks. Used together with the old objects and old wood, the old bricks perfectly present the ancient charm for those buildings. The old bricks, which are used in coffee house, top grade entertainment places and villa, can create a time warp decoration style and are highly praised by the designers and customers.
     Critical designers and customers think high of our old bricks, of which the unique beauty and the historical connotation pulled up the art of building wall decoration standards. After a long time of weathering, the old brick worn off the edges and corners, but leaving the tough, simple, heavy core, which will not drop dregs or crack. Those which are easily tend to crack or drop dregs are already broken by years of weathering and abandoned.
     Cangzhou Shiyi Building Materials Co., Ltd adheres to the principle of good faith in business; inherits the traditional Chinese architectural culture, to create a perfect encounter for traditional Chinese brick culture and modern fashions.